What is Integration & Why Do You Need It? 7 Examples of Game-Changing 3D & AR Integrations

Oct 1, 2020

How many times have you wished there were more hours in the day? If you’re like me, probably enough times to actually give you enough hours in a day.

This wishful thinking likely stems from the fact that you find yourself spending too much time on monotonous tasks that simply have to get done.

While brainstorming innovation is important to success, implementation of those ideas is vital.

That’s where integration comes in.

So, what is integration?

Integration Definition

Integrations allow you to bring in data or information from one application platform into another, creating a more robust and powerful experience with your software. This can help you streamline your processes, import and sync contact information, create automated follow-ups, and more.

Check out Hubspot’s in-depth blog on the different types of integrations

What Can SeekXR’s Integrations Do For You?

  • Build a link that automatically launches 3D and AR experiences on your website.
  • Orchestrate a seamless transition from printed materials, email campaigns, or direct links, to a 3D experience on your website.
  • Create an engaging user experience that maximizes conversion.

2. QR Code Implementation

  • Guide users from desktop platforms and printed materials to a 3D/AR experience.
  • Ensure that the user is directed to (or remains on) a webpage controlled by your brand, such as a product detail page.


3. Showcase Your Content in Google Search Results

Our one-of-a-kind, patented software makes creating, integrating, and viewing app-less augmented reality experiences easier than ever before.

4. Create A Google 3D Display Ad

Create a sense of instant ownership for your customers and followers by awarding them the ability to view your product in their space:

  • Increase your customer’s perceived value
  • Influence a quicker buying decision.

Build buying confidence by allowing your audience to see a product in AR:

  • Ensures your customers that they are making an educated buying decision
  • Answer the questions that images alone can’t.


5. Use 3D Models on a Shopify Website

Our 3D product configurator creates an interactive AR experience with color, size, and detail variations- directly to the world’s number one e-commerce site. This integration collaboration is a powerhouse tool to ensure your products are being seen in the most effective, immersive way possible.

6. Show AR Models Via Apps

  • Integrate an elevated level of augmented reality for your business through iOS and Android applications.
  • Embed a browsable list of your 3D content on your website.
  • Take advantage of the impeccable color, size, and detail AR variations we’re known for

7. Add AR and Interactive 3D Models to a Webpage

Overlaying a Seek Experience Launcher Icon is simple: take an existing product image, wrap it in an anchor tag and add specific seek-data- attributes!

Embedding an integrated viewer is as simple as including a “container element” on your webpage and adding a few data-seek- attributes.

Increase brand loyalty with our user-friendly AR  technology:

  • Create an unforgettable buying experience
  • Wow your customers
  • See them come back again and again

The best part? No app needed.


Check out our past blogs for more information on all-things 3D & AR!


How Much Does AR Cost?  Is Augmented Reality the Future?  How 3D & AR Elevate the Customer Experience


3D is the Next Level of the Internet

We’re constantly brainstorming the most optimal updates for Seek Studio to best serve you and elevate the customer experience.

Watch CEO Jon Cheney’s teaser video for a sneak peak of exciting integration additions.

Seek Studio is your one-stop shop to #unlock3D for your business; become a part of the immersive world by utilizing AR through SeekXR.

So what are you waiting for? Unlock 3D™ with our all-in-one software and start easily implementing and scaling 3D & AR product visualization with the platforms you already know and use.

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