SXSW 2021: Navigating the Fragile XR Ecosystem

Nov 18, 2020

SeekXR is a contending SXSW 2021 panelist, and we couldn’t be more excited!

There will be millions of SXSW “Vote for my Panel” posts at the end of the voting period. SeekXR needs your help to keep us in the game!


Is SXSW happening in 2021? – YES! Through a digital experience.

What are the dates of SXSW 2021? – March 16-20, 2021

Who is in the SXSW lineup? – You get to decide! Show SeekXR your support by voting for our panel here.

What Does 3D & AR Mean to You?

Why should you vote for SeekXR’s panel? There are a bunch of impressive contending panelists, but SeekXR couldn’t be more relevant given today’s social climate.


A Revived Sense of Urgency

Image: DevSeg

In case you haven’t heard lately, we’re in month 8 of a global pandemic. Our country’s economic future depends on technological advancements in the e-commerce world. In our panel, the SeekXR team would dive into how our 3D & AR advancements are vital in creating stable, longstanding successes.

Check out our blog on how Seek helps e-commerce even in the midst of COVID-19


Challenging the Future of Technology

COVID-19 has changed the way we function as a society not only in the short-term, but also the long-term.

To adapt to these changes advantageously, we must embrace the changes technology offers us. We must utilize them as a positive influential force in this time of technological reawakening.

If we can find one silver lining of this pandemic, it’s our adaptability. Faced with obstacles, we have found ways to successfully overcome old-fashioned and outdated practices, and build a better tomorrow through 3D & AR.

Check out an in-depth assessment of AR on our blog here!

Business Reimagined

In order to rebuild our local economies and beyond, we must re-analyze how we approach marketing. These days, customer experience exceeds general satisfaction, which means businesses must impress above all others.

Take a deep dive into how 3D & AR elevate the omni-channel customer experience


Why Vote SeekXR?

Our panelists, SeekXR CEO & Co-Founder Jon Cheney, SeekXR Chief Creative Officer Sturgis Adams, and Velvet Unicorn’s AR & VR Designer Adriana Vecchioli, are eager to discuss navigating the fragile XR ecosystem.

Up until recently there has been no streamlined, user-friendly, affordable way to design, maintain, and administer 3D content.

Mixed reality environments were divided between varying file formats and systems, exhausting timely and monetary resources.

Check out Seek’s game-changing integrations here!

Our panel is for those seeking to:

→ Deliver the future of business through a cross-platform experience with ease

→ Offer immersive technologies that have become the customer experience standard

→ Identify solutions to strengthen the roots and future of business


To vote for SeekXR's panel: Navigating the Fragile XR Ecosystem

1. Visit

2. Click “Sign In” & either…

    • Login with an existing account
    • Create an account with just your email address

3. Select “arrow up”!


You have until Friday, November 20th to vote. We need your help; don’t miss your chance to show your love!

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