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Seek powers the next layer of the internet. With patented industry-leading proprietary software, Seek provides critical infrastructure to allow for scalable 3D production, management, and deployment across any platform.

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Looking Back and Looking Forward to AR in 2021

Looking Back and Looking Forward to AR in 2021

What will AR look like in 2021? How will leading revenue categories like AR advertising take shape? Contextualizing AR’s future requires looking at its recent past. So we’ve decided to do just that. Here’s our take on where AR has been in the past year….and where it’s...

Why 2020 was prelude to hot 2021 AR sector

Why 2020 was prelude to hot 2021 AR sector

The past year will be remembered for many things. While it might not be first on anyone's list, one of the things 2020 lays claim to is being the year when augmented reality finally became a serious force in the enterprise and as a consumer product. THE STORY OF 2020...

AR’s Role In eCommerce Is Growing

AR’s Role In eCommerce Is Growing

As consumers increasingly move to digital commerce in the wake of COVID-19, augmented reality (AR) technology is appearing in various applications as retailers rush to best replicate the physical shopping experience in an entirely virtual context. The latest entrant...

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