Meet the Preferred 3D & AR Vendor for High Point Furniture Market

May 27, 2021

High Point Market Preferred 3D &has AR Vendor Badge

Seek XR is honored to partner with HPMKT as their preferred vendor for 3D & augmented reality (AR). This partnership will positively impact the future of retail by enhancing the shopping experience for customers, and allowing manufacturers to flaunt their products to their fullest potential.



First, What is High Point Market (HPMKT)?

HPMKT is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world. More than 75,000 people attend this fashion-week-for-home-furnishings market, including interior designers and architects.


Will There be a High Point Furniture Market?

Yes! After having a massively safe and successful market in October 2020, HPMKT is returning for their Spring market.


What are the dates for the High Point Furniture Market?

Saturday, June 5th – Wednesday, June 9th.


Can Anyone go to High Point Market?

Members of the furnishings and design trade can purchase badges upon registration for entry, but High Point Market is not open to the general public.


High Point Market Authority Map

How Big is High Point Market?

HPMKT is over 10 million square feet, housing nearly 2000 exhibitors throughout 180 buildings.


Where Can I Find Seek’s Booth?

At the corner of Commerce & Wrenn.




What’s the Partnership All About?


There are a lot of 3D & AR providers out there, but there’s a reason High Point Market Authority chose Seek XR as their trusted partner.

To be transparent, there are simply no other 3D companies who can scale with businesses as they grow.

Plus, we have the patented technology that allows you to seamlessly create, manage, and distribute all of your 3D assets from our all-in-one platform.



As High Point Market’s trusted provider for 3D & augmented reality services, Seek is readily available to offer invaluable insights and recommendations to manufacturers and retailers specific to their industry.


Why Does This Matter?

The evolution of technology is exponentially hastening. We’ve seen it through the development of personal computers (PCs), the world wide web, mobile devices, and now 3D & augmented reality- particularly with at-home shopping.


Increased safety precautions and adaptations materialized amidst the pandemic- and with that, more frequent online shopping: 62% of U.S. shoppers say they shop more online now than they did before the pandemic. 

Because of this, the in-person shopping experience was diminished and customer demand for  an additional layer of online product experiences has fast forwarded:

56% of shoppers agree that AR gives them more confidence about product quality & over half of people want to use AR technology to evaluate products, offering a risk-free, try-before-you-buy experience.


Retailers are also requiring 3D models from manufacturers more than ever. Their customers are expecting it, and now they are too. Luckily this technology provides wins all across the board.


Manufacturers can utilize 3D & AR as a sales and marketing tool as well:

Eames Chair - Virtual Photography

Virtual Photography

Eames 3D Configurator

3D Product Configurators

eames chair ar

Augmented Reality

Allows for fully customizable, true-to-life images that save time, cost, and effort- particularly compared to traditional photography. Grant buyers the ability to view every possible product variation on the web, with any device. Gives an extra layer of experience to your product. Allow buyers to conveniently review all the finest details of your products- no matter where in the world they are.


No app needed. Buyers can access your product in AR straight from the web with any device- whether they’re an apple or an android fan.


Captivate buyers with avante-garde marketing:


Whalen Furniture Derry Kitchen Island AR QR Code


AR product tag


  • Business cards
  • Mailers
  • Product inserts
  • Magazines & Brochures
  • Signs
  • SMS
  • Product page
  • Social media
  • Google ads
  • Email campaigns
  • Information tags
  • Packaging
  • Fabric swatches
  • Digital signage
  • Tear sheets
  • Catalogues

Frequent AR Consumers - Snap & Deloitte Digital AR Consumer Report

Image: Snap Inc.


While the technology has been around for several years, 3D & AR have become more accessible recently.

In fact, 41% of users deploy AR when shopping, and 94% of those shoppers say they’ll use augmented reality technology the same or more when shopping next year.



When this type of immersive tool is established in branding, manufacturers earn a reputation for pioneering innovative, engaging content. Not only does this help boost visibility and promotional reach to retailers, but it also enhances the impact and memory on buyers, increasing ROI.


The more time a consumer spends looking at a product, the more likely they are to buy it. 3D & AR dramatically increase the level of interaction and engagement to drive those sales.


What Does This Mean for the Future?

Honestly, the future is here and now. Big brands like RC Willey, Kravet, and Whalen Furniture have already implemented 3D & augmented reality into their brand. Why? They see results through increased sales, higher buyer satisfaction, and decreased returns.


Returns are a $550 billion issue that affect all brands. However, AR-guided purchases have helped decrease returns by 25%.

3 out of 4 consumersPlus, it’s a sales and marketing tool that converts. When customers are immersed in AR product experiences, conversion rates are 94% higher. 3 in 4 consumers even say they’re willing to pay more for a product that offers the transparency that AR provides.



Beyond dollar signs, it’s what consumers want:

74% of consumers believe that AR will be even more important in their lives in the next 5 years, particularly in shopping.


For example, readily viewing item or product information when scanned with a phone is desired across 54% of consumers.



Curious about diving deeper into augmented reality, 3D configurators, and product photography? Check out our other blogs:

Past, Present, & Future of AR 3D & AR: Elevate the Customer Experience Last Year’s HPMKT Blog



Final Details

Calendar GIF

Seek XR is celebrating our partnership with High Point Market by offering 20% off a year contract, plus 5 free models for HPMKT exhibitors!

Become a part of the future of online shopping and unlock 3D for your customers by booking an appointment with us!

Stop by our booth to grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy some good company!



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