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How long does it take to get AR on my website?

The implementation process is frictionless and straightforward. Seek team will work with you to ensure the most optimal installation for your needs. Most installations take anywhere from 20 minutes to a couple days (for highly complex systems). Seek is a “plug and play” AR system, allowing you to install it directly on your website.

Is Seek's AR compatible with Shopify?

Yes. Seek works on all major e-commerce platforms as well as custom websites. Our implementation team is world class and will ensure that the best experience possible is created.

Can I use my 3D models for augmented reality?

Augmented Reality requires specific 3D file formats — most notably glTF and USD. Seek is able to accept virtually any type of 3D file and, using our proprietary pipeline, convert and optimize your files to be used in AR experiences.

Will my AR system be kept up-to-date?

Seek’s technology is driven by JavaScript, so when we update our system, yours is automatically updated as well. We do this to ensure that in the fast-changing environment of web-based AR, your customer-facing experience is always using the latest technology possible. With new updates to iOS, Android and Microsoft AR software coming every few months, Seek wants to ensure you have the latest and greatest available.

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