Key Points

  • This article discusses World Environment Day and what it is pertaining to the web3 space
  • How Ocavu keeps the environment at the forefront of its digital exhibitions
  • The importance of taking care of this earth even if the platforms we explore are digital

World Environment Day is a United Nations initiative. From the project’s website, linked above, visitors can find educational and inspirational articles, quizzes, and practical guides on how to help the environment. This year’s World Environment Day focuses on “living sustainably in harmony with nature,” with the slogan “Only One Earth.”

Not all news is good news. So, check out the UN website and, if you get too bummed, duck into XR for some of these upbeat and impactful experiences that can also help you learn and contribute to sustainability initiatives around the world. Once you’re refreshed, go back to the UN website. We can’t solve all of our problems in-headset.

OCAVU, formerly Seek, is a 3D modeling engine. Though the company launched an NFT platform late last year, its main work comes through providing content for e-commerce companies. While some have environmental concerns about energy required to maintain most blockchains, OCAVU is highly committed to the environment.

For one thing, a number of sources – including OCAVU’s recent blog post “How AR Can Help Save the Planet” – say that 3D modeling and XR try-out in commerce reduces emissions by reducing returns by providing shoppers with better product information. Further, earlier this year, OCAVU announced an Environmental, Social, and Governance program with partner EcoCart.

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