Key Points

  • The Ocavu Token and what it will be used for
  • Why we created the token and how it will play a part in Ocavu’s future

Seek had a big week last week. First off, it became Ocavu. We launched a new token called the Ocavu Network Token. And we announced an incredible vision for the company. Join us to hear all about these new changes and go behind the scenes as we debrief the launch of the token and talk about the future roadmap.

What is the Ocavu Token? The Ocavu Network has easy-to-use tools that allow anyone to create and distribute content in Web3 (from tokens, video, 3D/AR, NFTs, and more) — ultimately helping brands, influencers, artists, athletes, and more reclaim ownership of their community, monetize their content, and add real-world value for their users. The Network allows for true ownership and revenue potential over the content creators build – not just a percentage like other social platforms. Ocavu Network Token The Ocavu Network Token powers the Ocavu Network by providing liquidity to additional community tokens supported by the Ocavu Network and creating a direct onramp/offramp through traditional payment platforms, such as debit and credit cards. With the automatic token trading feature, consumers will be able to purchase digital assets on the blockchain using their community token or with a traditional payment form.

OCAVU empowers brands and influencers with easy-to-use tools for Web3 digital engagement—from blockchain to NFTs, XR/AR, and digital tokens. The OCAVU Network has already seen substantial growth and revenue in beta over the past eight months, with brands like Dude PerfectMaryRuth Organics, and Social Mixtape using it to enter the blockchain.

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