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Seek is the connective tissue of the 3D and NFT universe.

Truly cross-platform and deployed at extraordinary scale.

Ask us about developing your 3D, NFT, or metaverse strategy.

3D Model Creation

The future of digital experiences is here. Seek provides you an instant metaverse strategy that lets you create 3D models and other assets to help you sell your products faster. We can assist you in creating models that will work across platforms. If you already have models, we can optimize them to work cross platform.

Utilizing Models

With Seek’s patented technology, it’s easier than ever to deploy your 3D assets to wherever they need to go, regardless of the platform. This takes away the headache of coding for different platforms—all of it is seamlessly done at Seek.

Effective Analysis

Model creation and implementation isn’t enough to attract customers — you need to know how your 3D models are performing in their intended space. Seek gives you access to KPIs and offers insights on how to optimize your models’ performance.

Model Optimization

Need a hand improving your 3D models? Not a problem. With Seek, not only can you create and store 3D assets, you can go back and tweak them to better fit the image of your products. This is essential if you plan to redesign your physical products (which every business needs to at some point).


SeekXR Core

Enabling companies with 3D Model Cloud Storage

The optimal approach to access your assets: SeekXR Core stores your 3D models and provides a means to upload them anywhere. Thanks to our Experience Delivery Network (EDN), you can deliver immersive virtual experiences to anyone who uses your models.

SeekXR Studio

Effortless Model Creation

3D model creation has never been easier— upload photos and effortlessly produce a model that will wow your customers.

SeekXR Manager

3D Management and Deployment

Optimize and measure previously created and new models and deploy to any social media, web, or eCommerce platform with ease.


Access to the NFT Game

Connect yourself to the NFT world in a few clicks. Seek connects your cryptocurrency wallet to minting platforms so you can mint your NFTs and deploy them into the virtual world, all of which are backed by world class blockchain technology.

Vertical Solutions

Vertical Solutions

SeekXR eCommerce

Vertical Solutions

SeekXR Marketing

Vertical Solutions

SeekXR Sales

Vertical Solutions



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RC Willey

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How it Works

Getting started in the 3D realm can be a lot to take on. Seek’s patented technology empowers businesses in almost any vertical with the tools needed to step into the future and deliver a better experience.

Send Photos

Send photos, videos, or other files to Seek to have a 3D model created with almost no additional effort. After models are validated and confirmed, they’re stored in SeekXR Core.

Create Models

Once reference material is submitted, Seek promptly begins creating 3D models that can be used anywhere for any desired purpose. Models are then submitted for approval or revision.

Deliver Models

It’s sometimes a surprise that delivering 3D models to a desired channel can be difficult, but Seek’s already solved this unforseen problem for you. By creating a 3D omnichannel solution, Seek provides one a one click experience and presto – your models are in the hands of your customers or employees.


3D experiences offer businesses of any size or market tremendous value and showcasing that value is of the utmost importance to Seek. Evalue a model’s effectiveness in as frequently as is desired and make changes at the drop of hat.

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